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Firstly, well done for taking the first step in getting here. It’s not always easy to realize something isn’t right and perhaps you may need some help from someone outside your immediate family and friends.

My Practice

My practice is rooted in person-centered therapy – which simply is based on the premise that the you are the expert in your life and you can make change happen. My role is to help you get to know yourself better, for self-acceptance with the goal of becoming your best self and enjoying life to the fullest. Therapy isn’t like waving a magic wand – it takes time, but if you are prepared to be open and curious in getting to know yourself better, it can be a challenging but rewarding experience. After all,
‘the most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself’

Diane von Furstenburg

My Approach

I am an integrative therapist which means I tailor my approach to you and what your needs and preferences are, drawing from many different techniques.  We go totally at your pace getting to know and trust one another in a totally safe and non-judgemental space. We are complex beings so what’s right for one person may not be right for you. In our first session, we talk about what’s brought you to therapy and what you want to get out of it – but often these needs may change as we work together, we discuss this and adapt accordingly.

You may have experienced a recent loss – perhaps a bereavement or major life change like a job loss. It could be that you’ve always felt unhappy, but not really understood why. Perhaps you find relationships with others challenging and want to explore this with someone independently. You may wish to understand what past experiences may be influencing your feelings in the present. You may feel anxious, and I can offer a number of coping strategies to manage your fears through tapping, meditation and breathing work to name a few, as well as understanding what your triggers are. Ultimately my focus is to work with you to develop a mutual level of trust and provide a safe and facilitative space for your exploration and growth.

I am a registered member of the BACP and in addition to my private practice I work as a volunteer at several Mind branches and Women and Health.

I have worked with clients who have had challenges with:




Low self esteem

life event.png
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Major life events


Attachment disorders


Emotional abuse

- Rates -

Assessment session £55

Regular session £50

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